Advance Funeral Planning

Advance Planning is a Responsible Gift

Advance Funeral Planning is a responsible gift

Benefits of pre-arranging a funeral

If an accident would happen to cause your death today, would your spouse or other next of kin know how to arrange your funeral or life celebration? Who will notify family and friends? Have you discussed with anyone the type of visitation, funeral or memorial service, casket, urn, music and clothing you would want? Would they know what your wishes are for cemetery, vault and burial or cremation and memorialization? Do you have union and/or military benefits that might pay for part of the funeral? These are just some of the 127 decisions that must be made within 24 hours of a death. When a death occurs, survivors are naturally stunned, often emotionally devastated and find it difficult to make decisions under this type of pressure. With a Milward funded advance plan, all necessary and difficult decisions have been made, so families can devote their time and energy to the memory of their loved one, sharing sentiments and stories with each other, friends and associates during the visitation and celebration of life memorial service.

Why have a pre-arranged funeral
A funeral or memorial service is an opportunity for family, friends and associates to gather, reflect upon and honor the meaning and impact of the life of a deceased loved one. It is a complex blend of religious, psychological, emotional, social and economic dimensions that are interrelated, but individual for each service. A funeral or memorial service, like a wedding, is a ceremonial event that must be planned to coordinate activities and people in a flowing sequence that will help to provide a positive lasting memory for everyone in attendance.

If one does not plan for the inevitable end of their life, then one day a great deal of responsibility will be placed on the shoulders of a spouse or children for final arrangements and settlement of the estate. People buy life insurance to provide economic means for survivors. But money from life insurance doesn’t console survivors during their emotional pain from grieving. Lawyers draw up wills to ensure possessions in estates will be distributed according to our wishes. But an estate is not probated until after a funeral. By taking the time now, to put one’s affairs in order for your funeral, loved ones can be spared emotional and financial burdens in the future.

Affordable monthly payments
A Milward Guaranteed Inflation Proof Funeral Plan™ can be funded in advance assuring you that the price you pay today is guaranteed to cover the cost of your service in the future, regardless the upward pressure on prices due to effects of inflation. Affordable monthly payments can be arranged over a number of years. Milward plans are portable, so they can follow you if you decide to relocate.

Planning for major events of life requires care, consideration, competent counseling and full awareness of the expected outcomes. Generally, three groups of people are funding pre-arrangements, today:

  1. those who take full responsibility for their lives and their families by writing wills, buying life insurance and doing estate planning;
  2. those who have definite preferences about their funeral;
  3. those who do not have survivors close enough to make arrangements for them

Because we are living longer and our families are often scattered around the country, advance planning is the responsible gift that provides helpful guidance, emotional support and required information to those who will survive us.

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