Veterans Administration Benefits

Veterans Administration Benefits

Lexington VA office: 859-281-4947
Louisville regional VA office: 1-800-827-1000

Members of U.S. armed forces who died on active duty, or veterans who served during wartime or peacetime, and received anything other than a dishonorable discharge, are entitled to numerous benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Service beginning after September 9, 1980 requires a minimum of 24 months, a hardship discharge, or a service-connected disability.

  1. The Veteran’s Administration may pay up to $300 for burial and funeral expenses if the vet:
    a. was entitled at the time of death to pension or compensation, or
    b. died while hospitalized or domiciled in a VA facility or other facility at VA expense.
    To these veterans, VA also pays a $300 plot allowance (unless buried in a national cemetery).
  2. For veterans who die of a service-connected disability, the VA will pay up to $2,000 for burial and funeral expenses, including the cost of transporting the body to the national cemetery nearest their home in which burial space is available.
  3. A United States flag to drape the casket will be available upon request. This will be given to the next of kin, close friend or associate of the deceased at the close of the services.
  4. A United States grave marker or bronze or gray granite will be furnished by the VA, upon request. It will be inscribed with the appropriate information. This is available regardless of whether or not they are buried in a national cemetery.
  5. The interment of a deceased veteran of wartime or peacetime service whose service terminated other than dishonorably will be authorized in any cemetery in the National Cemetery System in which space is available. Arlington National Cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the DOD, not the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. With the exception of cremated remains, burial is limited to specific categories of military personnel and veterans.
  6. Deceased spouses, remarried surviving spouses, minor children and certain adult unmarried dependent children are also eligible.
  7. Memorial markers may be filed by the next of kin to commemorate any veteran whose remains were not recovered or identified, were buried at sea or cremated with all ashes scattered, or were donated to science. Memorial markers may be erected in private cemeteries in plots provided by the applicant, or in a memorial section of a national cemetery.
  8. Religious counsel with a chaplain of your faith is available at the Lexington V.A. Medical Center.

Claim for any type of burial benefit must be filed within two years of burial or cremation.

V.A. Medical Center 859-233-4511
American Legion 859-252-0022
D. A. V. 859-281-4945
V. F. W. 859-254-8277