Insurance and Trust Information

Life Insurance - Individual
We have claimant statements for many different insurance companies available to you in our office. In most cases, we can handle all of the details concerning settlement of your insurance claims, obtaining information and completing claim forms and death certificates.

Funeral Funding Trust
If you have made funeral arrangements prior to the individual’s death with Milward Funeral Directors, either by making a deposit toward funeral services or by paying for the services in full, we will take care of filing for the claim.

If a deposit only was made, then the deposit, plus any interest, will go toward payment of the funeral expenses. If services have been paid in full, no additional monies will be required unless additional equipment, services, or outside expense items are requested.

Pre-Need Insurance
This pertains to funeral arrangements funded through insurance with Milward Funeral Directors. If the deceased has this type of insurance, there is nothing you will need to do. We will order the death certificate for the insurance company and handle the claim processing for you.