Selecting a Funeral Director

A funeral director has many roles and is available to help you before, during and after your time of need. When selecting a funeral director, talk with as many people as necessary to get a feeling for the personal qualities you prefer. Consider the funeral director's experience, reputation and ability to answer your questions. Be sure the director clearly explains options and provides a range of service prices. Also consider the quality of the funeral home and its ability to accommodate the needs of your family. Don't hesitate to ask for a tour so you can inspect the facilities. Select the funeral director who makes you feel the most comfortable-the person you find to be patient, compassionate, open-minded and understanding of your wishes and needs.

Once chosen, you can turn to your funeral director for information and advice on a variety of topics. Your funeral director is knowledgeable about specific regional, religious, ethnic and cultural funeral customs and laws. Beyond this, your funeral director can provide perspectives about the concept of death, the process of grieving and the healing that follows.