May 20, 2016 Gallery Hop

Stop by our downtown location during the LexArts Gallery Hop on May 20 to view our exhibit: Honduras: Deep Shades and Encounters Exhibit feature images by Scott Walz.

The exhibit is a collection of photographs from two medical/dental mission trips to Honduras illustrate the strength, beauty and resilience of the country and its people. Marred by poverty, extreme weather, political instability, drug trafficking and crime the country of Honduras and its citizens carry on but welcome the stream of mission workers who seek to relieve suffering, educate and treat as many people as possible. This exhibit is an exploration of the people, moments, strife and grace in the mountains of Honduras.

Scott Walz is a local photography studio owner and artist. He studied photojournalism and fine art at the University of Kentucky and has been a working professional photographer for thirty-six years.