Below are written comments made by some of the people we have served in the past. These messages were mailed to various staff members and funeral directors who make up the Milward staff.

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation to you. You helped us navigate an unfamiliar path in Lexington. Elwood's funeral was perfect and it all started with you. 

Your helpfullness and attention to detail were amazing. It could not have been better.

Again, our sincere thanks!
Diane & Larry West

On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for the professionalism, class, patience and compassion you showed us in handling Dale's funeral and burial arrangements. We threw you many curve balls and you did not flinch once. No family wants to deal directly with a funeral director, especially when death is so unexpected. But you and every person we encountered at Milward were respectful of our collective and individual needs. You handled every one of our needs and traditions - often without being asked. And when we wanted to do things a little different than you are used to, you always found the way to say "yes."

We had no local support network and you became that. We truly appreciate your every effort.

Donald Brichta

Thank you for all you did to make mom's funeral one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. She the the world of you and I know she would have been very happy with the way you handled things.

Marti Smith

Thank you very much for being with our family during this difficult time. It was a pleasure working with you. Your compassion and suggestions were deeply appreciated. You made us comfortable during one of the hardest times of our lives. You made sure everything was covered and perfect. Thanks for EVERYTHING and always being there for any questions.

Julie, Larry, Mike, Susie and family

On behalf of my mom and family, I wanted to say thank you to Milward, specifically Joey and Grace, for their care and compassion for my father's services. It was a perfect location for my family to say goodbye and the arrangements were executed perfectly. Thank You.

The Roser Family

On behalf of my family, I want to thank you and your entire staff for the kindness and compassion they showed us in preparing for the funeral and burial. Every person we encountered at Milward, from Keith who took our initial call, to Mary at the reception desk, to Joe who removed the body from the hospital, to Matthew who made sure we had a place to park one more car—they all represented your business with pride and professionalism.

Joey Tucker handled our every request and change of heart (or mind) with expertise and compassion. The limo drivers were not only polite and on time, they took the extra time to tell us something we did not know. Even the parking lot attendant, whom I turned into a valet because we were late for the viewing, did not blink an eye.

You should be proud of the staff you trained and lead. They rightly honor your name in the work they do.

Donald Brichta

Mr. Milward,

I just recently attended a funeral of my friend at your Man O' War location. This event was difficult because the previous year, I buried my 49-year-old wife. Her visitation too was at the Man O' War location. This brings me to the purpose of this letter. With her sudden, unexpected death, I had to plan where to have the visitation. Although I live in the area, I resisted the initial thoughts of having it at MOW because I pass by there every day. I believed it would cause pain for me sometimes multiple times a day with bad memories of this tragic event. Since I knew Grace Johnson, I decided to stop by to visit. I took a chance because of Grace to have the visitation at MOW. It was one of the wisest decisions I made during this time.

The personal attention I received before I went there to plan, the planning session, the actual event (that was unbelievable) and the consistent follow-up about grieving services by Grace brings a smile to my face every day when I drive past MOW. She ensured that all of my desires for that afternoon/evening were exactly as I expected. She consistently asked me was there anything more that I needed or wanted. She treated my family and extended family like they were her friends. Our visitation was perfect for such a horrible event because of Grace’s personal touch. I firmly believe that it wouldn’t have been as good without her.

Unfortunately (but also fortunately), I was by my friend soon after her finding out about her husband’s death. In a quiet moment that first evening, she asked me about some of the mechanics of her next couple of days. I actually suggested that she look at MOW because of Grace and the experience I had. Her initial reaction was that it was too close. I sent her Grace’s contact information the next morning. After her discussion on the phone with Grace and a visit, she decided to have it at MOW. She later told me afterwards that she was glad she had the visitations there.

I was worried the night of his visitation that I would not be able to handle being there again. After the initial shock, calmness came over me. I remember seeing my family talking, crying and celebrating my wife's life. I stayed with my friends until it ended at eight o’clock. I attribute most of my feelings towards your facility because of Grace. I am just sorry this letter is so overdue.

Peace to you,
Jack Kirn

As I believe you know better than I do, words are always inadequate during these difficult times for my family.  However, actions speak more forcefully and completely. Your actions evidence your great compassion and wisdom and your long-standing friendship with my family were and remain a great comfort to us. You have eased our many burdens.
With deepest gratitude on behalf of all of the extended family members,

Kathy Artuberry
daughter of Betty Ann Ross

I cannot thank Milward Funeral Directors enough for the professional service and care they provided my Mother, myself, my family and all of our friends. From the time you arrived in the early morning hours to our home to pick our Mother's body up, your professionalism, care and understanding were above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. I greatly appreciate the time you extended to me during this great loss allowing me the time I needed in order to have had the time for the personal closure I truly needed. I was amazed after viewing my Mother's body for the first time the day before the visitation as I fully expected to make final changes in her appearance regarding makeup, clothing and other accessories. Your staff had again exceeded any expectations I could have ever expected. As I told my family and other friends, "you did a perfect job". I appreciated you as the Funeral Director as you personally handled everything from start to finish making sure all the details were perfect. Your new facilities at Trent Boulevard felt like our home and it made the perfect setting for the celebration of our Mother's life and her final journey. Again, this was unlike anything I have ever seen or expected. Great Job and Thanks again. The Family of Rosemary Jeter Marshall.

Your Friend
David Marshall

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased our family was with your services with our mom. It felt more that we were being guided by a friend throughout the entire ordeal than a perfect stranger. You treated us with the utmost care and respect, making us feel that we were your most important customers. You allowed us to display some humor which made us deal with our loss in an easier manner. Some people are called on to perform their life’s work, and you are one well suited.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to each one of you. You made the death of our brother more bearable with your kind words and deeds. A special thanks to our funeral director for his concern and kind, caring ways.

Just a note of thanks for the very fine service you extended to our family before, during and after our mother’s funeral. I know of nothing more we could have asked for. We appreciate the compassion that was shown and the attention to all the details.

Everything about Daddy’s service was so lovely. Even the smallest detail, such as your placement of a few fresh flowers when the flag was removed, was done with dignity and grace. He would have been proud. We are grateful.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. Your help was valuable and greatly appreciated. You made a very difficult situation into a wonderful experience.

Thank you for helping us to arrange daddy’s funeral. Everything went very smooth and we appreciate your directions and concerns. We were kind of numb, but I guess this is normal. I am sure daddy would have been proud of the services. He was very special to all of us and he will be sorely missed. Again, thank you for making a difficult time a little easier on us.

Thank you so much for all your help with my mother’s funeral. I would not have changed a thing; everything went so smooth; I am sure Mimi was pleased also.

Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion during the most difficult days of our life. We so appreciate all that you have done for our family during this time. My father was a warm and loving person and we miss him very much. We are a very close family and he would appreciate all that you have done for us. God truly blessed us with mighty men and women of God to pray for and surround us with this love. Thank you for being one of those whom he has sent. May God richly bless you as you serve his people.

I feel I must write and tell you how beautiful the funeral was Saturday. I don’t know if I have ever seen such care for each detail and such concern for all of the family and their many friends by you and the other gentlemen. At such a sad time you all were so caring. Thank you for making us all feel you compassion.

Words can not express the gratitude that we feel for you and your services at Milward. You all exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful that we chose Milward for my mom. She looked beautiful and would have been proud to have left this world with such dignity.

My brother and I thank you for all your efforts on our behalf to see that that daddy’s “farewell” was memorable. Our experience with your firm has always been positive – beginning with my son, then our mother and now daddy. We appreciate all you have done.

I almost feel like we are old friends, having gone through so much together. We do thank you for your patience and guidance as we groped our way along a never-before-traveled path. We felt a genuine concern for our feelings and appreciated the professional manner accorded us at the funeral home and committal and memorial services.